Despegar is the leading online travel company in Latin America, known by our two brands, Despegar, our global brand, and Decolar, our Brazilian brand. Our marketplace operates across 20 markets and offers a broad suite of travel products in the region, including airfare, hotel bookings, travel packages, and other travel products to our large customer base. Over the twelve months ended June 2017, 140 million unique visitors visited our platform, and we already had 65% of transactions from repeat customers in the twelve months ended December 2017.

We are a one-stop travel marketplace, providing our customers a fast, easily searchable and transparent travel experience, alongside flexible payment solutions, which are a hallmark of the Latin American market. Our local expertise provides us with a key competitive advantage versus global players who do not have the same familiarity with Latin American travel as we do.

Since our launch in 1999, when we were focused only on the sale of airline tickets, we expanded to offer products from over 300 airlines and more than 520,000 hotels, and we work with over 1,100 car rental agencies and more than 240 destination services providers throughout Latin America, as of December 2017. Our Award Winning mobile app had 41 million downloads as of March 2018, making it the most downloaded online travel app in the region. Mobile, which includes both mobile web and mobile apps, accounted for approximately 54% of all of our user visits and approximately 30% of our transactions.

Our business benefits from a strong virtuous cycle. We are an essential partner for a supplier network, which is highly fragmented and seeking online distribution. In turn, they help helps us to attract new customers with enhanced product offerings.

Our mission is to make travel possible to everyone, and we believe we have a long runway for growth. Online travel is a large and rapidly growing market in Latin America that remains significantly underpenetrated by global standards. With a population approximately twice the size of the United States, an expanding middle class and increasing adoption of internet and mobile phones, the online travel market is growing at a rapid pace.

Last update: June 29, 2022